Trinity is in partnership and supports a variety of ministries. 

  • Trinity Lutheran is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the largest group of Lutheran churches in the USA. The ELCA partners with other churches around the world in ministry to people and in advancing the Gospel.

  • The VFPantry accepts donations of food and money from individuals, groups, businesses, and religious organizations, as well as from Feeding South Dakota in Sioux Falls, which is part of the USDA's Feeding America program. Visit their website to learn what you can do, or to find out how you can access their resources.

  • Lutherans Outdoors of South Dakota, LOSD, is a group of Lutheran camps.  These camps provide outdoor fun for people of all ages, as well as week-long camping for youth.  Click MORE to visit their website to see the many different camps, and the huge number of exciting programs they offer!


    The Luther Center is the Lutheran Campus ministry program at USD.  It is located on the corner of Plum and Cherry. The Luther Center is a great haven for students seeking a quiet place to study, worship on Wednesday nights, or a conversation with other students, peer ministers, or the directors of the Luther Center.

  • Prison Congregations of America, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to collaborate with Christian denominations and prison officials so that prison congregations are established in state prisons across America.

    Currently there are 31 prison congregations in 14 states, representing 9 denominations.

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    Sharing the Dream in Guatemala began in 1996 with the dream of promoting sustainable fair trade by providing fair wages and employment opportunities to low-income artisans. We work with over 20 cooperatives and small businesses that use traditional Maya techniques to create unique, handmade products. The purchase of these crafts not only provides an income for these artisans, but also supports community development projects in Guatemala.

  • Vermillion Civic Council Thrift Store, 17 Market Street.  P: 605-624-3923. Email:

    Drop Offs accepted WED (10-4) & SAT (10-3:30.) Prefer clothing in closed garbage bags & other items in closed boxes. But will accept if not in boxes or bags. Donations accepted ONLY in alley behind store. Ring Buzzer to summon staff.

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    a legacy of generosity. 

    FREE Estate Planning Tools at

    - Last Will and Testament

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