• Who are we?

    Faith, Family, Worship, and Service! 

    Faith in God is what grounds us. Family and each person helps us in daily life.  Worship is where we come together to praise God for his goodness, seek healing and forgiveness, and hear more about what He has to say.      

  • Who was Jesus?

    Jesus was a man who lived about two thousand years ago.  We know about him through the Bible, which contains first-hand accounts of what he did and taught.  Jesus was also mentioned outside the Bible by historians of the time, so we know he actually existed.

  • who was martin luther?

     Martin Luther lived in Germany in the late 1400's and the 1500's.  He was a monk in the Catholic church who noticed the church was not focused entirely on God.  He wanted to change this through some "reforms" of the church, posted in his famous "95 Theses". 

  • Why do we call ourselves "Trinity Lutheran Church"?

    "Trinity" is who we worship.  We believe that God is three, yet one (Tri = three, "unity" = one.  We don't entirely understand the Trinity, but we are constantly striving to embrace the mystery of these divine faith expressions.