community groups

we are an active member of the community. 

Our building is available to community organizations such as AA and MRT.   

Please contact us at 605-624-4442, to host a group meeting or event here.

Alcoholics anoNymous

Trinity Lutheran encourages ongoing addiction-recovery by providing space for 12-step support groups to meet on a weekly basis at the church.  These groups are member-led and self-directed.

Weekly AA meetings:

Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Wednesday, 7:30 pm

Friday & Saturday, 12:00 noon

Saturday, 7:30 pm

Sunday, 7:30 pm

The groups meet in Rooms 12/14.

For more information contact the Church:


MRT - MoraL Reconation Therapy

MRT focuses on treating the whole person morally, socially, and behaviorally.

A certified therapist leads the group meeting. 

Trinity Lutheran supports the therapist and the people who attend the MRT meetings by providing classroom space.  

There is ONE MRT meeting each week:

Thursday, 7:00 pm in Rooms 2/4.

For more information contact:

Susan Jacobs at