This Sunday, August 3rd, our guest pastor was former pastor of Trinity, Gary Westgard. He retired about 10 years ago. A few minutes into the service, I found out that there was no broadcast running, just dead air space. I contacted the radio station engineer - all things said it should be good. Since we were not being broadcast, I recorded parts of the service on my iPhone. So what you will hear is not the best recording possible. You will likely have to adjust your speakers as needed.

If you would like a CD or if you would like me to email these recordings, please contact me at




The lessons are Isaiah 55:1-5 and Romans 9:1-5, read by Doug Martin. I think I may have missed the very beginning of the reading.

The children's story is read by and written by Pastor Westgard.

The sermon is by Pastor Westgard. I hope you enjoy it.

Christy Kimball

Director of Music, Worship, and the Arts