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Stewardship is a grateful celebration of the gracious and abundant blessings God bestows on us. 

Stewardship is three main areas of our lives. 

Our time.  God has given each of us time to spend on this earth, praising God and helping our neighbor.  This time gets eaten up very quickly each week.  We like to ask how our time - a gift from God - is being used.

Our talents.  God has given each of us extraordinary gifts - some of which we have discovered already, others we have yet to realize.  We can use these gifts to help others!

Our resources.  This includes money, but also includes things that we have.  We need money and things to help one another. How we use what we are given is stewardship.

The Biblical principle of tithing means 10% of each of these: Time, Talent, Resources.  At times we aren't able to contribute 10% and, at times it may be much more.

We are called to give of ourselves in many ways - even time in prayer is time given back to God and to our neighbor.

Did You Know ways to support the life and ministries of Trinity while you are home or away, sitting in your car, or during worship, and any time you are thinking about it?  


1. Download the GIVEPLUS+ App through MOBILE Giving

     - GIVEPLUS+ is a Smartphone App that makes eGiving easy from anywhere.

 2. Once the app is downloaded, you can search for Trinity either by Name or by zipcode.

 3. Create an account.

 4. It's Simple and Safe, Convenient and Easy.

 5. If you have questions, please either call Karla at:  605-624-4442  or email:

2. Simply Giving recurring payments is another way. Every individual or family can contribute so that together we are able to carry on the work of ministry. 

There is initial paperwork to complete, return, and then you are set. Funds are withdrawn through your checking or savings account. You decide the date of the month that works best for you.

Thank you for your generosity and support of ministries and mission of Trinity Lutheran Church and of the partnerships we have with the community, the Synod, and the Churchwide world!