Trinity Lutheran Church, Vermillion, South Dakota











Frequently Asked Questions

What is worship like? Worship begins with confession of where we've gone wrong in our life followed by words of forgiveness so we are made right with God again. Prayer and readings from the Bible help to define who we could be, as God's people. Then someone (usually a pastor) preaches a sermon (gives a short explanation of the text and how it might relate to us now). Then we pray again, state what we believe, share in Communion - where bread and wine are blessed by the pastor and offered to everyone present.  We sing and hear music at many different points.  Most of our worship services follow a similar format! 

What should I wear?  Our Saturday (school year) / Wednesday (summer) night worship is more relaxed and casual than Sunday mornings, though neither is necessarily formal.  On Saturday, many people wear nice sweaters, a button-up shirt, or just a nice shirt accompanied by jeans or khakis.  On Sunday, some people wear suits, others sweaters, and still others t-shirts and jeans.  Many people just come as they are - others dress more formally.  The main thing is that you come! Be comfortable in whatever you're wearing.

Where do I park?  Will someone greet me? You can park in the lot on the north and east side of the building, or across the street to the south.  Yes, someone will greet you!  We have greeters at both doors on Sunday morning.  When you go into the worship space, an usher will be there to greet you with a bulletin which helps guide us through the order of worship.  If you feel lost at all, please ask someone!  On Saturday / Wednesday we don't have greeters at each door, but you will still be welcomed by other worshippers or someone leading worship! 

Why worship?  What's the point? God has given us many, many gifts.  We worship out of thanksgiving for these gifts - as simple as breathing, as complex as family.  We also worship to confess our sins and receive forgiveness, hear Scripture read and have God's love proclaimed in the  sermon, to receive communion and be reminded about God's promises to us through baptism, and to pray for those who are in need around us.

Do I have to be Lutheran to attend worship? No, you don't.  We are unapologetically Lutheran, but if you don't consider yourself Lutheran, we would still love to have you!  If you aren't Lutheran, but are thinking about joining a church, we would enjoy having you worship with us.  You can also find out more about who we are and what we believe by talking with other people at worship, including the very friendly pastors!