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Frequently Asked Questions

Why worship?  What's the point? God has made each of us just as we are and given us everything we have. We worship out of thanksgiving for all we have been given. When we gather for our worship services, we share in corporate worship with everyone else there. Worship helps us grow in faith, share good news and sorrow, and praise and thank God together. It encourages us to ask What is God up to here?

What happens in worship? The Lutheran church follows a liturgy, in which everyone participates.In fact, that is what liturgy means: the work of the people. Our services can be divided into four sections: Gather, Word, Meal, Sending. 

Gather: We begin worship with greetings, confess our sins and receive forgiveness, sing, and pray

Word: We hear the Bible readings for the day, listen to a sermon that helps us understand what those readings mean for us in our lives today, sing together as response to the Word we have heard,  affirm our faith together, pray for all the people of God wherever they may be, and share the peace of God with those around us

Meal: We give our offerings of money to the church so that we invest in the mission of the whole church, share in communion that is a foretaste of the heavenly feast to come, and give thanks for communing together

Sending: We receive a blessing, sing a song that will send us out into the world to share our faith and serve others, and verbally commit to go out to serve

Who can come to worship? Everyone! All are welcome at Trinity. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome at the Lord's Table for communion. Questions are welcome because that is how we learn and grow in both faith and service.

How will I find my way? A map to our church building is located here. We have a parking lot on the north and east sides of our building. Main entrances are on the north and south sides, with people to greet you at each entrance. Inside, we have coffee and a few goodies before worship where we greet and welcome each other. We will make sure you find a place to sit, have a bulletin to follow the order of worship, and assist you as we worship. If you have questions, feel free to talk with anyone around you. We look forward to the time we see you in worship with us.

Worship at Trinity is the main part of what we do together as a church community. It binds us together as family and gives us strength and encouragement for the week ahead. Come, be a part of us, and find your church home and family here.

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