Trinity Lutheran Church, Vermillion, South Dakota










What We Believe


What's important to us?

Faith, Family, Worship, and Service! 

Faith in God is what grounds us. Family and each person helps us in daily life.  Worship is where we come together to praise God for his goodness, seek healing and forgiveness, and hear more about what He has to say.      We are called to serve one another: here in our neighborhood, in the community and in the world.

Why do we call ourselves "Trinity Lutheran Church"?

"Trinity" is who we worship.  We believe that God is three, yet one (Tri = three, "unity" = one.  We don't entirely understand the Trinity, but we are constantly striving to embrace the mystery of these divine faith expressions.  

"Lutheran" is both our heritage and how we do things.  Martin Luther lived 500 years ago, seeking to reform the church and refocus on God.  We are people constantly being reformed; reshaped, and changed - always focused on Christ.  

"Church" means that we are a gathering of people who talk about God in the same way.  We profess our faith when we are gathered together. "Church" can also be used to describe the building property in which we gather, but the primary function of "church" is as the PEOPLE of GOD. 

Who was Jesus?

Jesus was a man who lived about two thousand years ago.  We know about him through the Bible, which contains first-hand accounts of what he did and taught.  Jesus was also mentioned outside the Bible by historians of the time, so we know he actually existed.

But we don't just believe Jesus was a man.  We believe Jesus is God.  We believe Jesus was fully God and fully human (it's hard to imagine, but that's where the faith comes in!).  Not only did Jesus do a lot of teaching, he did something no one expected - he gave up his own life.  Since he was God, and God is perfect and without sin, he took our sins when he died.  All of them.  Through Jesus' death, and later his coming back to life, we are able to find release from our sins.

Who was Martin Luther?

 Martin Luther lived in Germany in the late 1400's and the 1500's.  He was a monk in the Catholic church who noticed the church was not focused entirely on God.  He wanted to change this through some "reforms" of the church, posted in his famous "95 Theses".  Ultimately, the Catholic church would not accept all the reforms, and so the followers of Luther's ideas broke away from the Catholic church, in hopes they could follow God more closely.

Though, in the past Lutherans and Catholics did not agree with one another, in recent years there has been much dialogue, and the two groups work together on different projects and help build community together.

Do we all agree about absolutely everything?

No, we don't.  But we agree on some main things as listed above.  We would love for you to come and add your voice to conversations, songs, worship, and the whole community!