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Staff and Leadership


We are in mission together to bring Christ to the community through worship, service, and fellowship.

Our leadership are elected members of the congregation.  Members work within Boards, engaging the congregation and serving here at Trinity and in the community.

We lead worship, teach, repair things around church, and complete administrative tasks.  Staff  bios are below.  If you have questions, contact us through  email (by clicking on the E-mail address) or give us a call!

Pastor James (Jim) Fowler, D. Min. (

Pastor Fowler began his ministry with us in September 2015. He was ordained in 1983, and holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Music from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa; Master of Divinity from Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio; and Doctor of Ministry from the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, Illinois. 

Jim and his wife, Heidi, have one daughter, Sarah. 

Jim likes to sing, read spy novels, and play golf.

Karla_website_photo.jpgOffice Manager Karla Tawzer (

God wants each of us to accept and see the hopefulness in our days; to make healthy choices; to maintain positive relationships; to inspire others. We are called to, "Encourage one another and build each other up."     1 Thessalonians 5:11, and 1 Thessalonians 5:12-14

Karla attended Augustana College in Sioux Falls and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from University of South Dakota in Vermillion.  Prior to returning to Vermillion in 2005, Karla was an elementary special education school teacher and then worked with the Department of Rehabilitation Services as a Special Education/Transition Coordinator and Vocational and Independent Living Evaluator. 

In April 2006, Karla began her ministry with Trinity as our Office Manager. 

Karla enjoys a variety of music, reading, photography, re-purposing & crafts.                          

Director of Music, Worship, and Arts Christy Kimball - (

Christy came to Trinity in 2001, having been accepted at the University of South Dakota music departmChristy.jpgent to get a Master's degree in organ performance. She received her Bachelor of Music in piano performance at the University of North Dakota in 2000, and completed her Master's in 2003. Christy works closely with the pastor(s) in planning worship; plays for services of worship, weddings, and funerals; directs the choirs; writes music and liturgy as needed; and advises the Worship and Arts Ministry board, among many other duties. Having spent much of her life as the single parent of 5 children, she married her neighbor, Larry Kimball, in 1997. Larry has 3 children, so together they claim 8 children. They also have 10 grandchildren whom they enjoy very much when they can see them. They have had many experiences - good and otherwise - in their life together. They are looking forward to many more years together.

Christy enjoys music, kids, reading, knitting, and writing. She is happy to be in ministry at Trinity and the larger Vermillion community.