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Photo Gallery


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 Christmas Eve Worship ~ "Silent Night, Holy Night." Silent Night_12.2017.jpg

Christmas Program - 2017

Christmas program_2017.jpg

     Affirmation of Baptism youth and families

Affirmation of Baptism_Oct.2017.jpg

125th Anniversary Committee

125th Anniv. Committee_2017.jpg125th Anniversary Celebration meal attendees125th Anniv.Celebration_2017.jpg


High School Youth Group and families attend CPR TrainingHigh School Youth & Families CPR and AED training.jpg

DNesselhuf_Guatemalan student support_Wed. men's study group_May 17.2017.jpgMen's Wednesday morning breakfast Study Group meeting with Diane Nesselhuf, Sharing the Dream in Guatemala. Thank you for supporting students attending school in Guatemala!!